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Hours of Operation
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Our Philosophy:

At CapitalMark Bank & Trust, we subscribe to the adage Doing Well by Doing Good.  Our long-term success is directly impacted by the strength and vitality of the communities which we serve. We purport that in Giving Back within several areas of focus, we contribute to a reinforcing cycle of business opportunity, productivity and success. 

Time & Talent: 

Our board, management and employees dedicate numerous hours in the markets we serve to support programs that span community development, education, arts & culture, environmental conservation and more.


July 24, 2015

CMBT Shareholders Approve Combination with Pinnacle Bank

July 16, 2015

PNFP and CMBT Extend Election Time

July 16, 2015

CapitalMark Posts $2.7 Million Record Quarterly Profit; Surpasses $1 Billion Total Assets