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Hours of Operation
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Our Values

At CapitalMark, our values are summed up simply by what We Believe:

  • We believe people create our sustainable advantage.
  • We know how we make people feel is just as important as what we say and do.
  • We believe value is more important than price.
  • We hold a commitment to truth and fair dealing.
  • We hold a commitment to quality and competence.
  • We strive for fast and responsible decisions and expedited implementation.
  • We strive for the highest personal standards of integrity at all levels.
  • We are building a system of freedom and responsibility within a broader framework.
  • We know that values shape our actions.
  • We believe in proactively managing client relationships.
  • We strive to stay nimble and pursue our goals relentlessly.
  • We work to remain focused on objectives.
  • We want to create a bank that is easy and simple to do business with.
  • We strive to exceed expectations every time.


We believe that in the pursuit of these core values, our clients will have the banking partner they desire and deserve.  





July 24, 2015

Shareholders Approve Combination with Pinnacle Bank

July 16, 2015

PNFP and CMBT Extend Election Time

July 16, 2015

CapitalMark Posts $2.7 Million Record Profit; Surpasses $1 Billion Total Assets