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Terry Wilson, Director of Client Services

Terry appreciates the emphasis on one-on-one service and our commitment to deliver a high level of expertise of Banker Teams who make timely, local decisions.

Alinda Hobbs, Client Services Manager

Alinda finds joy in giving her clients the special attention they deserve for an enriched banking experience that exceeds expectations.

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Account Protection
Account Protection

Ever wondered what banks do to protect your assets from data breaches and other forms of fraud?

Banks actually assume the vast majority of costs associated with protecting and reimbursing clients after a data breach even though banks are not at fault or liable. In the instance of a retailer breach, less than half of banks receive any reimbursement for their associated expenses. Increased information sharing between financial institutions and law enforcement over the past four years has led to $11.24 billion in prevention of potential fraud losses.*

At CapitalMark, the protection of our clients' money and sensitive information is of highest importance. Click here to learn how CapitalMark works to protect your and your accounts.

*Source: American Bankers Association























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